WELCOME to .doc-art!

The name of the project stays above the gist - any document may be an artistic tool and any substance or tool can became an instrument in the creative hands.

The idea was born in the office. For those who could add a bit more creativity to their lives but restrain from it. For those who think that art is just for artists and ordinary people are far form it.
The project was started to break these stereotypes. 

Whoever you are in your daywork, whatever tools and materials you have – you still can be an artist. Well, art can be made even with office tools and applications. Try it!

You are invited to make paintings with the help of just text editor application's tools (MS Word, for example). Try to work with an unusual and limited palette, explore your brevity and ability to find new ways of expression.

Win it!

To get inspiration have a look at the Gallery.
.doc-art showings:
2011 – exhibition within ContentFest Obreey
2011 – presentation in Kyiv
2011 – presentation in Lviv during TEDxLviv
2012 – published in Art and Documentation magazine (Łódź, Poland)


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